Who am I and what do I do?

Hi, my name is JackDesBwa. Among a lot of other things, I am a hacker and stereographer from France, who create stereoscopic (3D) photos and videos and build tools for it.

I fell in love with stereoscopy in 2016. Starting with cha-cha technique, I quickly hacked the electronic hardware of my cameras to get better 3D photographs. After a lot of experiments and training, I am now confident with my technique. I started to create my own tools and I am now known to be the creator of few of them such as the PhereoRoll3D app and Stereopix sharing platform. I also started to play with 3D videos.

What are the projects?

In addition to the publication of stereophotographs, my main projects about stereography are:


Initially impulsed by a lot of dysfunctions on the Phereo website, I launched this ambitious project of creating another stereophoto sharing platform. The intention is not to copy Phereo, but to propose another experience oriented toward discussions about publications.

Platform: https://stereopix.net/

Logo Stereopix

Stereopix.net embedded viewer

The embedded viewer of Stereopix can be used on your website to display stereoscopic images. It is based on iframe so that it is updated automatically and has an API to communicate with it if you want to build somewhat complex apps (such as some of the ones presented here).

Help: https://stereopix.net/photolab/help/embed
Examples: https://stereopix.github.io/viewer-examples/

Logo Stereopix + EMBED VIEWER text

StereoscopicEffects for three.js

The javascript library `three.js` simplifies the usage of WebGL a lot. My StereoscopicEffects module provides an easy way to display the 3D scenes created with this library in stereoscopic vision using several display methods, including to view with various anaglyphs glasses, 3DTV, autostereoscopic screens, stereoscopes and a lot of other devices.

Code: https://github.com/JackDesBwa/threejs-StereoscopicEffects

Logo threejs-StereoscopicEffects


This app previously known as PhereoP83D was originally created to watch the stereophotographs of Phereo sharing platform on my autostereoscopic phone. It rapidly evolved toward a widely used multiplatform application able to display those photographs on a multitude of 3d-capable displays with a nice interactive interface.

Releases: https://github.com/JackDesBwa/PhereoRoll3D/releases
Manual & code: https://github.com/JackDesBwa/PhereoRoll3D

Logo PhereoRoll3D


This web application was created because the interface of Phereo was not accessible to most modern browsers (it was corrected in the meanwhile, but still occasionnaly has problems that make the interface useful). The app serves as a proxy to let people access the incredible library of photos and displays them with the embedded viewer of Stereopix.

Website: https://phereo-unofficial.stereopix.net/
Code: https://github.com/stereopix/phereo-unofficial

Logo Phereo-unofficial

Stereopix ROOMS

This web application allows to create a slideshow of stereoscopic images synchronized between several users. Since they are displayed with the viewer of Stereopix, each user can chosse their prefered viewing method. This is particularly useful during videoconferences.

Website: https://rooms.stereopix.net/
Code: https://github.com/stereopix/stereopix-rooms

Logo Stereopix ROOMS


This web application gets the list of images from the Mars rovers Perseverance and Curiosity, and try to match left and right images from their stereoscopic cameras. They can then be previewed in the viewer of Stereopix.

Website: https://mars.stereopix.net/
Code: https://github.com/stereopix/mars-stereo

Logo Mars-stereo

Escapades 3D

My first tests on 3D videos were very convincing so that I launched a video channel to publish some experiments. It is quite early in the project, but you can still encourage it if you think it is worth to create free online 3D stereo content with similar quality as I do on other subjects.

Videos: https://www.youtube.com/escapades3d

Logo Escapades 3D


This very original 3D camera automaton was started in summer 2019. It takes stereo photographs thanks to two cellphones' cameras and prepare them to be viewed on variety of displays including alignment and image processing... almost everything is automated. It might evolve toward a more powerful and versatile apparatus that would be a bit easier to replicate yourself.

First article: https://www.crowdsupply.com/virt2real/stereopi/updates/field-report-stereomaton
The case: https://www.crowdsupply.com/virt2real/stereopi/updates/field-report-follow-up-making-a-case-for-stereomaton
During the event: https://www.crowdsupply.com/virt2real/stereopi/updates/field-report-follow-up-stereomaton-goes-live
Source code: https://github.com/haum/stereomaton

Logo stereomaton


This is a quick hack in the form of a browser extension. It adds a button to the browser, which launches an analysis of the URL of the current page. If it is a YouTube video, the script tries to get the actual url of the video files and displays a table of found entries.

Code: https://github.com/JackDesBwa/yt-stereo-ext
Addon: https://addons.mozilla.org/fr/firefox/addon/yt-stereo-ext/

Logo yt-stereo-ext


I also experiment a lot about various aspects of stereoscopy and have a lot of promising projects. However, they are in sleeping phases or in very early stages of prototyping so that I should not give details yet. All I can say is that I am very excited about them.

Why to tip?

I decided to share all this work freely on the Internet.

However, creating and working on those projects is not costless. I have to spend time and even money to buy some hardware. Furthermore, some projects such as Stereopix do have recurrent costs.

You can tip because you like one of my precedent work and consider it is worth it, because you want to support the currently running projects, because you like my work in general and would like to encourage me to perseverate and create new things, or all other kinds of reasons. Whatever the cause that motivates you, it will help a bit.

By tipping, you participate actively in this shared adventure and help me to continue. Thank you.

What are the counterparts?

There is no counterparts yet.

The goal of your tips is to help me to continue my creations and to pay the bills linked to the projects, not to steal time to manage counterparts.

However, if you wish symbolic counterparts, let me know what they are and I will study the possibility.